Ecology Policy

With global warming and natural disasters intensifying day by day, our active participation in protecting the environment for a better tomorrow on the planet is a matter for all of us.

Projects Saving Energy and Water

  • Use of irrigation water for garden watering & cleaning.
  • Installation of solar panels covering all the needs of the complex in hot water.
  • Use of energy-saving lamps.
  • Use of double thermal insulating windows in all rooms.
  • Installation of special valves to control the flow of water in public taps and toilets to reduce consumption.
  • Saving natural resources and energy.
  • Low flow toilets.
  • Electrical tech devices that were selected based on their low consumption of both water and electricity.
  • Using low-energy lamps – carefully set timers for communal lighting.
  • Automatic power supply interruption by the use of a magnet / key.
  • Effective utilization of raw materials.
  • Reusing old and damaged linens as cleaning cloths.
  • Minimize wastage and waste to the maximum extent.
  • Reusable detergent packaging.
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Elimination of products using propellant gas.
  • Continuous effort to minimize the use of chemicals.

Environmental Management

  • Continuous reduction of disposable products.
  • Strict regular check for maintenance and leaks.
  • Use of ecological fertilizers.
  • Exclusive use of certified ecological colors.

In order to achieve our environmental and social sustainability, we commit ourselves to:

  • Keeping up-to-date on ecological issues concerning our region.
  • Educate our staff regularly on environmental and social issues.
  • Promote sustainable tourism in our region.
  • To inform and endeavor to involve our customers in our environmental and social efforts.
  • Protect and promote the cultural heritage of our region.
  • Protect and promote local employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide a safe, healthy and enjoyable work environment.
  • Provide fair earnings to all our partners.

Our goal is:

  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources.
  • Reduce the waste we produce.
  • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Invest in energy-saving technologies.
  • Support local environmental programs.
  • Create a network of environmentally conscious businesses.
  • Make cultural events known in our area.
  • Participate in local events.
  • Promote local entrepreneurship and employment.
  • To support environmentally conscious local producers.
  • Promote diversity and gender equality.

Make your stay more ecological

  • In each room there is the possibility to every visitor to support our campaign by determining the frequency of replacement of towels and linen.
  • Use special recycling bins that are located in public areas of our hotel.
  • Do not let the water run in the bathroom and limit the duration of your shower.
  • When leaving your room, make sure to close air conditioners, lights and electrical appliances.
  • Do not take with you the shampoos, soaps, bubble baths etc. provided by the hotel if you have not used them.
  • Put your newspapers and magazines on others as you read them.
  • Check out the hotel’s ecological commitment before making your reservation.